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Your accounting is now accessible online!

Accounting office ACCION offers a realtime online accountingplatform to it's clients

Financial dashboard

The most important financial indicators of your company are always available online! The online dashboard and the different report options gives you a realtime overview of your financial figures.

Easy system to import your documents

All modern input channels are available to you, so you can efficiently digitalize and provide the system with your documents from everywhere: via email, upload or by scanning.

Digital archive

All the supplied financial documents are kept in the cloud and are available to you at all times. They are continually backed up to different server locations

Payment module

By means of the payment module you don't have to manually fill in the payment details of you invoices. Select the invoices you want to pay, and upload the generated payment file to your online banking system.


You can efficiently create your outgoing invoices and send them digitally to your customers. They will automatically be saved in our platform and processed by your accountant.

Productivity and savings

By automating and streamlining processes vast time and cost savings will be created.

Accbooks is the online accounting platform of Accounting office ACCION